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Range of Services

Our strength is in our ability and willingness to tailor our services to your situation:

  • On-site auctions
    Preparation, advertising and execution of an auction on premises, including the real estate if desired. The client can be as involved or detached as he chooses - working right there with us, to completely uninvolved. An entire household or estate can be liquidated in a single day.
  • Clean outs
    Removal of any or all personal property from a premises on a fee-for-service basis. Property is dispositioned into various categories for sale or disposal. One of several variations of this method will work well when a house is placed with or already sold by a real estate agent. Again, the client can be involved at any level. We will clean the premises and prepare it for sale if required. Our goal is for the client to end up "in the black" at the end of the process.
  • Consignments
    For smaller quantities of antiques and collectibles.
  • Appraisals
    Performed on a fee per hour basis.
  • Real Estate
    Auction method applies equally well to the sale of real estate at a lower cost than conventional reality. Real Estate is offered at auction "with reserve," meaning that if the bidding does not bring the minimum amount that the seller is willing to accept, the property will not be sold.


Costs are determined by the material and the circumstances. On-sites sales are conducted on a commission, with the seller bearing the expense of advertising, labor and other requirements. Settlement is the same day for on-site auctions. Consignments are sold on commission with a reasonable per hour/per load rate charged for clean out where applicable. Settlement is within the week after the consignment auction. The professional services included in the commission are our access to established lines of advertising in all local newspapers and many regional and national specialty publications, a database of buyers and their specialties, an extensive library of reference material, and an email list of over 400 registered buyers who receive advertisements of the client's auction directly on their home computers, and posting of auctions on AuctionZip, a nationwide online auction search.

* We do not charge a buyers' premium at our auctions.

Benefits of the Auction Method

An auction is the most efficient method of liquidating personal property. Aggressive marketing and advertising are targeted toward those most likely to attend and buy.

Last Bit of Advice

Don't throw anything away until we've seen it. Talk to us first. And even if you don't use JR's Auctioneering, consider the auction method as a viable alternative in your situation. The auction method has proven again and again to produce better prices due to the atmosphere of active, competitive bidding.



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